"it took me so long to realize, it took me so long too see. there’s so much more out there, a new harmony to my melody…"

- Hello There by Cimorelli

CIMORELLI CHANGED MY LIFE. August 3, 2011; the day I knew them and loved them the first cover I watched they made is the mashup they made between California Gurls by Katy and TikTok by Ke$ha.

They caught my heart, eyes, soul, mind .. EVERYTHING ELSE on me on that time! I loved them. They rocked the YoutubeSensations and hitted the TrendingTopic rank 2 because of their album and original song entitled Millionbucks. And CimorelliBand on the radios now!

Buy their CimFam EP out on iTunes and AMAZON. :D

Christina Cimorelli; Katherine Cimorelli; Lisa Cimorelli; Amy Cimorelli; Lauren Cimorelli; Dani Cimorelli <3